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Lomi Lomi Massage

What is Lomi Lomi?

Lomilomi seeks to bring health to the whole body,
and balance the mind-body-spirit connection.

The practitioner begins the session by taking a few minutes to talk to you about your state of mind, and choosing the aromatherapy oils best suited to bring balance to your being.
Lomilomi is characterized by a flowing and rhythmic pace that follows the beat of the music accompanying it. It is a more advanced Swedish-type massage, with deepening strokes, but lacking the intensity of Deep Tissue and Therapeutic massages.  The rocking motion, along with the aromatherapy oils chosen specifically for you, creates a relaxing and meditative state that allows you to relax and be fully aware of your body.


Lomilomi is the Hawaiian word meaning “to rub, knead, press, break apart, massage”.

It is the traditional massage given as part of Hawaiian medicine, developed through generations. Each family and community had a teacher (kumu) specializing in lomilomi and the diagnosis of certain conditions through palpation of the abdomen. Each kumu developed their own styles and techniques, which was passed on to their students through chants and memorization. Students were apprenticed for years before being allowed to practice under the supervision of their kumu.
In 1893, the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown, and practicing lomilomi and other tradition healing arts was outlawed as “black magic” and “sorcery”.
Lomilomi stayed underground until the 1960’s and 1970’s, when native Hawaiian culture entered a renaissance and in 1988 the Native Hawaiian Health Care Act recognized the native healing arts to be integrative to the health of the Hawaiian community.
Lomilomi is divided into 2 styles - "temple" and "traditional". "Temple" style was taught by Abraham Kawai of Kaua'i, in California and Australia. Abraham's style was influenced by his martial arts and hula background and is characterized by a more spiritual focus. "Traditional" style was taught by Margaret Machado of Big Island, Hawaii, and was influenced by her nursing background. "Aunty" Margaret's style is characterized by a more technical focus, much like Swedish massage. 



  • Dilates blood vessels, increasing the supply of fresh blood to tissue
  • Assists in the removal of metabolic wastes
  • Helps to rid body of toxins and enhances immunity


  • Stretches muscles
  • Reduces stiffness of joints

Nervous System

  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces pain and emotional armoring
  • Increases body awareness and motor-nerve function


  • Soothes nerve endings in skin
  • Increases blood flow to skin surface, helping skin stay firm and healthy.
  • Massage oils help moisturize dry skin


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