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"Massage therapy is an "art form" much like a painter with a canvas. A dedicated massage therapist looks after the well being of their client, but also continues to study not only new techniques, but the physiology of the human body.  Nikki is a person who excels in all of these areas as she has a passion for what she calls " her calling in life".

As a business owner I do not provide testimonials unless I trust the person I am recommending without any reservation, and Nikki is a person who I have no issue with recommending as I personally have used her services on a weekly basis.

I am sure if you receive one massage with Nikki you will understand this is not a job for her but something she loves doing and knows what she is doing."

-Wayne C.


“I have had massages in my life from many different massage therapists, and I have found that Nikki understands the human body, including how the muscles connect as a whole and individually, better than anyone else I’ve gone to. She even takes time to understand my specific problem spots to make sure my massage is as efficient as possible.”

-Sarah B.

"Nikki is an excellent massage therapist who uses lots of different deep tissue techniques to stimulate and ease my muscles. She is great at listening and has real talent helping to relieve my stress and pain I get from sitting behind a desk all day every day.  She works to understand the source of the pain and discomfort to individualize the massage specifically for me.  I recommend her highly as I have never been disappointed and have gone away feeling better, physically and mentally."

-Jeff G.

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